Ready-to-knit refers to ready-to-wear but also to my deep love for the art of knitting. I am always ready to pick up my needles and cast-on something new. I’m a working mother of two. After reaching 40, I felt the need to reconnect to another part of my personality, the creative part, after spending so many years being a wife, a mother, a professional, a sister, a daughter. This creative part is a way to balance all the other roles in my life.
I needed something both relaxing and creative, and I turned to knitting quite naturally, having learned the basics in my youth. I started with a simple stockinette scarf during the Winter of 2011/2012 and have not stopped since. This blog is a way for me to share my projects and discoveries, and contribute to the ever growing community of fiber arts enthusiasts.

Geo-location: I come from Paris, France and live in Montreal, Canada since 2005.

Ready to knit signifie prêt à tricoter (dérivé de prêt-à-porter) mais aussi prête à tricoter, car je suis toujours prête à prendre mes aiguilles et commencer un nouveau projet. Maman, épouse, professionnelle, soeur, fille, arrivée dans la quarantaine, j’ai eu besoin de me retrouver et de trouver une activité créative qui me corresponde, et qui m’aide à garder mon équilibre à travers tous les rôles de ma vie.
J’ai repris le tricot dont j’avais acquis les rudiments plus jeune. Mon premier projet fut une simple écharpe au début de l’hiver 2011/2012, et je n’ai plus reposé les aiguilles depuis. Ce blog est un moyen de partager mes projets et mes découvertes, et de contribuer à la communauté toujours grandissante de passionnés des arts de la fibre.

Pour me situer: je viens de Paris, France et je suis installée à Montréal, Canada depuis 2005.

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  1. Hi! Very familiar story you tell; I picked up the needles almost two years ago as my husband bought be yarn for Christmas with the intention to encourage me to sit more in the sofa and relax! I started my blog a few months ago to “secure” that I do not stop; it is my favourite activity (and almost only…!) next to my busy Mother-wife-working-life…! And than you for the tip about the yarn store in Paris; been there today…really great! I will make a post about it later!

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  2. I am in Blogging 101 and am catching up on some assignments and I saw a comment you made about wanting a visual tutorial on using wordpress but I can’t comment on it anymore. This video helped me a lot. It’s long and starts from the very basic action of actually creating an account but it’s so helpful and even has a list of topics in the description box. I hope this helps.


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